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What to do when your web developer is unresponsive?

The story of every web developer.

Did you make a payment to a web developer who promised you to build a unique responsive e-commerce website? In the meetings, he was presenting you with his outstanding portfolio.  Everything was almost done; you were mentally prepared to get your product, and suddenly you stop getting replies.  If it has not happened to you, then consider yourself lucky because it does happen. Most of the time, the developers are super busy with their other projects. They often can not respond to your request immediately, but this does not mean all developers are like this. I know how it feels when your contractor leaves you in the middle of the project, but today I will tell you how you can handle such situations and avoid them in the future.

Why the developers go quiet?

For anyone you have recruited, there is no reasonable excuse to leave you high and dry. On top of everything, it is wrong. However still, some situations might occur.

Some people are entirely unreliable.

It is not the only case with software development, but it is entirely natural. There are different types of people in this world, and some of them are wholly unreliable. If you hired one of these people, it is better to stop wasting time waiting for them and hire someone else who can do the job. Do not worry. You will overcome this with experience. It is something you have to double-check when hiring someone for your job. I will give you some tips that you should keep in mind when hiring somebody

Is the contractor outsourcing the project?

When these techies stop responding, they outsource the projects and are not wholly focused on any client. The best way to verify is to check the developer’s profile thoroughly. If they are selling and purchasing from the same account, it is likely to be a person who does not do the work independently. Moreover, suppose a person is offering multiple services from different niche. In that case, it is a sign that he will outsource your project too.

Do they have a system for managing their projects?

Unlike an unreliable person, a professional firm or developer will have a separate project management system aside from the mail. If they manage the projects properly, then it is a green light for you to get started with the contract.

Are you using an escrow service?

When working in a virtual environment, it is better to involve third-party escrow websites such as Upwork, People Per Hour, and Freelancer. They provide you with a platform to define formal contracts, milestones, and escrow that can lead you to a hassle-free payment process, unlike wire-transfers. However, they charge around 10%-20% of the total project cost but trust me, it’s worth spending.

Legit Reason for unexpectedly going unresponsive!

Other than being wrong, it might be possible that the web developer is busy, on vacations, or sick. Therefore, he did not respond back to your messages and went down. However, he should have informed you but being a human, what can we say. It happens!

Human resources are one of the difficult tasks when managing projects. As these tech guys are brilliant in their domain and possible, they are weak in social interaction because humans are very complicated. So, in this case, it’s better to wait for that guy to come back, and you need to handle this matter professionally. In short, taking work from these developers is also an art. If you want your project to rock and roll, then you really need to be good at communication with your tech guy.

The motivation for your project is ‘Zero.’

It is also common for developers to become unresponsive if they are not happy to work on your project. Let’s keep it straight, everyone is working to earn money. Most of the time, web developers have problems adjusting to the time, budget, and changing requirements, making them demotivated and leads to going dark. Yeah, they should be transparent with their clients! But what can we do? Humans do vary. Some people do not express what they want; instead, they just respond to what they do not like by shutting their eyes or ignoring it.

If this is the case, it’s clear that they do not want to work with you anymore. Still, suppose you are better at taking work from your employees. In that case, you can start to evaluate the project and consider the developer in the planning.

There could be a communication barrier.

I know that the chances of this happening are meager but still, what if your messages and calls are not received by your web developer. What if he is there, but you are doing something wrong. We receive tons of emails daily, and some of our essential emails go straight to our spam box. Maybe, you should try to double-check the email address, try something else, or how about you give them a visit. As a face to face talk is the best way to communicate your requirements. This way you can clear all your doubts.

So the best solution I suggest is to start by giving them a short visit and asking if they are receiving the emails or not?

How to improve things?

If you are determined to get rid of this problem, you need to have a handbook ready with things that you need to avoid from now onwards. Most importantly, whenever you get to contact the developer, you should not start the blame game.  I know that there might be things wrong on their end, but instead of blaming, more productive activity is to decide what to do next?

What can you do is? You can explain to the tech guy the consequences you had to bear due to his unavailability, and from now onward, if he wants to work, things will not work like this. Some things need to be clear between the client and the tech guy, such as time, budget, requirements. Most importantly, the client should be having a realistic expectation from the developer. Then if the developer does not work correctly, you can hire someone else. I know that this is difficult, but it is more important to set goals than bear consequences.

If you are stuck in deciding what to do, you ask these three questions to yourself.

  • What are you losing by staying along with this unreliable web developer?
  • Keep your expectations aside for a moment, and this of what a failed developer would look like?
  • Are you having an open conversation with the developer?

If you need any help with the projects, contact us today.

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Individual developer capable of developing and delivering scalable, cutting-edge enterprise software solutions with ability to communicate effectively and work in a team environment. With broad ranging software development experience coupled with my strong analytical problem-solving skills, I confidently deliver quality components, services, and web interfaces using ASP.NET and .NET Core having clean, efficient, and maintainable code. Using solid understanding of object-oriented concepts and agile methodologies, I collaborate with the business to gather and document business requirements that helps setting up and maintaining builds, as well as designing reusable framework components.

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